Manufacturer will supply vehicles to attend the needs of transportation for higher volume of passengers expected in the World Cup 2014 

Marcopolo has formed a partnership with Infraero to supply 23 vehicles of the brands Marcopolo and Volare, which will be used in main Brazilian airports such as Santos Dumont and Tom Jobim (Galeão), in Rio de Janeiro; Confins, in Belo Horizonte and Luis Eduardo Magalhães, in Salvador, during the period of the FIFA World Cup next year. The vehicles should meet the demands of extra transportation for the high volume of people expected during the months of June and July.

Each of the four airports will receive eight Marcopolo buses – one Paradiso 1800 Double Decker, one Viale BRT and six units of Viale BRS; and 15 Volare vehicles, models DW9 Executive and WL Limousine. The vehicles will be used by Infraero on passenger transfers.

According to Paulo Corso, director of commercial operations of Marcopolo, the partnership with Infraero will provide more comfort and convenience because passengers will be transported in the most modern and sophisticated buses ever produced in Brazil. "These are the most sophisticated vehicles of the sector in the country, and we believe it will collaborate to strengthen tourist’s positive image about Brazil," said the executive.

To Milton Susin, director of Volare, the supply of buses demonstrates the consistency of the partnership between the company and Infraero. "We feel very honored to have been chosen to provide vehicles for the passenger transportation at the airports. This will allow users to experience the quality of our vehicles. We will provide six units of Volare at Galeão airport, four units at Santos Dumont airport, three units at Confins airport and two in Salvador, "said the executive.

Modern and sophisticated models

The vehicles provided by Marcopolo and Volare are the most advanced and modern available in Brazil. The Viale BRT and BRS were developed for the use in large urban centers. The versions range from the conventional, with 13.2 meters long, to the bi-articulated with 26 meters long and capacity to transport more than 200 passengers with comfort, safety and efficiency.

The Marcopolo Paradiso 1800 DD has a sophisticated configuration and special decoration for the event. With comfort and standard facilities comparable to those of the first class of international flights, the bus provides an even more pleasant and enjoyable trip. The vehicle has reclining seats on the upper floor, and it can carry 44 people. The downstairs bus lounge has nine totally reclining armchairs for superior comfort.

Specially developed for the Chartering and Tourism, the Volare WL Limousine and the Executive DW9 were designed to provide agility, high standards of comfort, sophistication, safety and great internal space. These vehicles have the capacity to carry up to 31 passengers.

The Volare WL Limousine is the largest and the most sophisticated model of the brand. It has been developed with the latest technology available in the world and has great internal space, innovative design, functionality and versatility. Considered the ideal solution for anyone who works with large groups in the charter and tourism segment, the new model accommodates 36 people and has 4,000 liters capacity of luggage space, providing greater convenience to passengers.





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