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At Volare we provide quality in all categories: whether in our products, services or our after sales service, you will always find the same standards of quality.

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24 Hour Technical Assistance

24 Hour Technical Assistance

Whenever you need, count on Volare. Volare is always there for you!

When you buy a Volare, you count on 24/7 technical assistance. If you face any breakdown, simply call us and be sure our professionals will get to you.    


Do you need custom Technical Assistance? Select one of the options below and we will help you find the places nearest to you:

Get to know the advantages:
  • Free coverage against breakdown or accident: One-year coverage (warranty period) against breakdown or accident that stops the vehicle from moving*, available 7 days a week, including holidays, with no need of franchise fee payment over mileage.   
  • Tow Truck where you are: We send the tow truck where the vehicle is located.
  • Removal of the vehicle: If repairs could not be done in site, the vehicle will be transported to the closest Volare dealership and all expenses of removal will be covered. 
  • Alternative Means of Transportation: If the vehicle could not be fixed in one working day we provide the driver and an assistant return tickets to the vehicle's owner hometown.
  • Accomodation: if any alternative means of transportation is available in time we cover up to two-day hotel accomodation for the driver and an assistant.
  • Vehicle Pick Up: If the beneficiary is not at the site where the vehicle is being repaired, we provide a ticket to the place where the vehicle is to be picked up. 
  • Urgent messages: Support to send any type of urgent messages, either personal or professional. 
  • Logistic Support: logistic support to supply services over the responsibility of the beneficiary which are not covered by Volare 24-hour Assistance Program such as: contact with transport service for passangers, locksmith, tire repair shops, fuel delivery. 
  • * Limits, conditions and more information about this service can be found in the Volare 24h Assistance General Conditions manual.
    ** Volare Assistance 24h does not provide coverage in cases of lack of fuel, punctured or damaged tires and loss or breakage of keys.

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