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Volare Financing

Does your company have annual revenues in excess of 90 million reais?
Vehicle with air conditioning?
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Obtaining a bank financing to make the acquisition of a vehicle viable counting on the best cost benefit conditions is not always easy. Who has ever tried will know. Volare knows the market quite well and also knows how hard it is.

For that reason, a team was scheduled to get closer to finantial institutions, study credit possibilities offered in the market and stablish partnerships, in order to help clients make a Volare vehicle financing viable in the best conditions. The result? Exclusive lines of credit for Volare products and partnership with over 20 public and private finantial institutions offering over 10 lines of credit, some counting on Federal resources and others on Finantial Institutions resources.     

Among the numerous finantial agents Volare has relationship with and can provide your clients fianancing, there is Banco Moneo (Marcopolo's group Bank), which has a highly qualified team specialized on the transportation segment to better service you. (for further information access the website:

Besides giving credit possibilities orientation, Volare's team advises on how to structure operations to meet the most demanding requirements. It means, the consultancy goes beyond bureaucratic procedures, aiming to the operation sustainability, the pilar to a healthy business capable of purchasing new Volare vehicles at any time.



The passanger transport segment mostly uses the following lines of credit: FINAME, CDC, Financing Leasing, Operational Leasing, Top Leasing, BNDES card, Credfrota, Proger and Constitutional Funds (FCO, FNE, FNO).
Below each one of them will be presented so you can understand the one that best fits your client needs and purchasing profile.
It is worth mentioning all options described below are subject to the client's registration credit approval.


BNDES resources enable only national companies projects, and BNDES FINAME is one of the best financing alternatives for Volare clients, once all the products are qualified for this line of credit.
FINAME transfers resources to BNDES agent banks in the financial market (see the list at BNDES portal –
In case you have interest in contracting FINAME to acquire a Volare, contact one of our dealerships/representatives who will indicate a partner agent bank or contact the bank you have relationship with and they will do the credit analysis and align your company into their own credit concession rules and BNDES requirements.
When requesting banks to evaluate the FINAME contract possibilities for the acquisition of your new Volare, the dealership/representative will forward the documentation together with the FINAME Proposal Letter considering equipment, values and conditions, as well as the respective FINAME PRODUCT CODE.
Upon credit approval, the agent bank will protocol the order to BNDES for further financing contract.
It is worth mentioning some banks have specific procedures to present the operation to the competent bodies and they must be respected and followed.
Aimed at micro, small, medium and large companies.
Being up to date with tax, tributary and social obligations (taxes, fees and contributions), the company is expected to show the negative of the following certificates:
- Certidão de Débitos Relativos a Crédito Tributários Federais e a Dívida Ativa da União (
- Certidão de Regularidade do FGTS (
Show RAIS (Annual Social Information Report), whether it is negative or not.

Easy and quick financing for you to buy your Volare. The fees vary according to the financial institution and can be consulted at the Central Bank website.


BNDES card is a pre-approved rotative credit instrument aimed at micro, small and medium businesses to finance capital goods, supplies, and services qualified through the BNDES portal, and all Volare line of products are qualified into this line of credit.
In case you already have BNDES card limit of credit available, you can simply get in touch with one o four dealerships/representatives and provide a copy of the card (both sides) – together with the signed order – so Volare can proceed with the contract of the requested amount.
To obtain the BNDES card Access the website  and register by the link “solicite seu Cartão BNDES”, following all the indicated procedures:
- Fulfill the registration form at BNDES card website;
- Choose the bank issuing the card and they will do the analysis of your company credit.
- To simplify the contract progress, we suggest preference to a bank you have relationship with or one your company has had a contracted financing history.
- In case your company does not have an account on the Banks qualified to work with this line of credit, it is possible to proceed with the request by the BNDES card website while the account is arranged.
However, it is mandatory for your company to become an account holder with the bank providing you credit to continue the process. Besides, your company must be up to date with tax, labor and environmental obligations.



It is a financing option where you exploit the concept of paying for the use, not the possession of the goods, because it allows you to decide whether to acquire the product by the end of the contract of not.  
In case you want to stay with the goods, after you finish the contracted monthly payments, you return the Volare to the agent bank, settle the Leasing outstanding balance and avoid any type of concern selling the used Volare. 
It is worth mentioning that to return the goods to the bank, it is mandatory to meet the requirements of the return policy established by the act of the financing contract.



It is na exclusive leasing operation for you: Volare client. Additionally to the Operational Leasing, this model requires a CDB implementation to be incorporated during the rental period.
The accumulated value (monthly deposits and correction) will help you define, by the end of the contract, if you will redeem the implementation value and return the goods to the bank, or use the implementation value to settle the operation outstanding balance, fully acquiring the goods.


The Ministry of Labor and Employment, through the Workers Support Fund, provides part of the resources for micro, small, and medium businesses investments by contracting Proger.
The resource is meant for company projects related to the tourism sector which aim at generating or maintaining employment and income.
It is worth mentioning that the possibility of contracting Proger depends on the availability of FAT resources.


It is a financing for new, used, national or imported vehicles. It is a great alternative for the acquisition of your Volare, either for fleet increase or renewal, because it enables the partial amortisation of the vehicle during the financing, leaving an outstanding balance to be settled by the endo f the contract.
The interest rate is pre-fixed and and the payment is in monthly installments calculated by the Constant Amortisation System (SAC), which means, the monthly payments decreases.


To contract these funds your company must have relationships with the banks working on the region to make the process more effectlive. The contract of this type of credit depends on the availability of resources and requires the formulation of a project to prove the development of the region providing employment generation and income maintenance. The project demands the ellaboration of a proposal letter oriented and formatted in partnership with one of our Volare dealerships/representatives and the agent bank, considering the availability of the basic documents check-list required by the banks operating these Contitutional Funds.


Do you want to know more? Read the material below or call  55 54 2101 4935 or fulfill the form by the end of the page and we will get in touch with you soon.

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