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Code of Conduct

Reports on cases of corruption and fraud in large companies, both national and international, have gained prominence in the media in recent years. This is negative exposure that damages the reputation of companies and their employees, causing financial loss and promoting unfair competition. These consequences can be reduced if employees, customers, suppliers and the community in general have available to them a means of communication enabling them to inform the company about illegal activities going on in it. 

Marcopolo, which has transparency as part of its culture, has had, since 2005, a Code of Conduct which provides guidance on routine matters of the Company and disciplines the relationship among all company`s audiences. The Code of Conduct was revised in 2012 and 2014. Recently, in 2017, Marcopolo's Global Integrity Policy was created, which gathers the guidelines related to the company's Compliance Program, in attendance of the Brazilian anticorruption legislation, Law 12.846 / 13.

And to further strengthen its ethical and transparent relationship, Marcopolo makes it available, to its various audiences, a channel to receive complaints about potential violations of the law, especially with regard to misuse of resources, corruption and other conduct deemed contrary to that laid down in the Code of Conduct and by Marcopolo's Global Integrity Policy. The canal is administered independently and handles information impartially and in a classified manner.

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